As a leading specialist , we set standard around the world in our market for power transmission products ,electromechanical products , power generation equipments spare parts and  more. We strive to meet  the need of all industrial sectors including oil and gas, energy, construction, cement mining , food and drinks , steel  to mentioned but few.

The product range include: Start up Couplings, Gear Boxes, Electric Motor, Pumps, Frequency Inverters , Oil seals , Vorecon, Compressors, etc.

The global industrial demand for electromechanical and power transmission products and services will continue to grow in the coming years. We are always available for future development while playing our parts in shaping them and providing solutions to challenges resulting therefrom. Everything we do is centered around the needs of our customers; our global presence and proximity to our customers allow us to create a working relationship based on confidence and trust.

In order to meet the needs of all our various customers all over the industries in West Africa, Nigeria inclusive, CYCLOMASTER SERVICES have opened contact office in Lagos - Nigeria and in New Jersey - USA for fast and reliable response to urgent customer needs thus reducing machine downtime.

Depending on the application area, requirements, output or input speed, we have all product ranges and hard to find items.

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